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Xbox Series S Accidentally Confirmed, Here Is The Information

Microsoft's decision to call their next-ge console the "Xbox Series X" is a strong indication of what kind of release policy they want to pursue. Because rationally, there's no reason for them to inject the word "Series" if they don't plan on releasing multiple iterations of the console. This is what so many rumors and speculations believe that Microsoft is indeed working on what is known as "Project Lockhart" - a cheaper, all-digital, version of the Xbox Series X with slightly sluggish performance. Microsoft hasn't spoken yet, but this information seems to have been confirmed inadvertently.

Xbox Series S Accidentally Confirmed

This confirmation comes from the Xbox Series X controllers that seem to be available on the market. One Twitter user - Zak S managed to get to this controller early and then shared the packaging images that load it. On the controller compatibility list, it clearly says Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S as supported consoles. Unfortunately, no further information about the console has yet been announced by Microsoft. Microsoft also has not commented further regarding the existence of this more affordable console.

The Xbox Series S itself is said to be officially announced by Microsoft through a special event in August 2020, although at this time, it's still just bird news. How about you? If it is offered much cheaper, how many of you are interested in glancing at the Xbox Series S?

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