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Playstation 3 Emulator Now Supports Online Multiplayer

With brilliant technical capabilities, financial support from fans who want the project to succeed, and improved hardware performance that can run it, the development of console emulators on PCs is indeed growing fast and promising. One progress that is being constantly updated is RPCS3, which is still struggling to run Playstation 3 games optimally on a PC, which so far has even begun to be able to handle exclusive games without many problems. One interesting, this emulator even began to enter the emulation process to provide online gameplay in it!

Playstation 3 Emulator Now Supports Online Multiplayer

In their latest report, RPCS3 has just announced the success of emulating online multiplayer in their program. Although it still doesn't work in all the Playstation 3 games available, trials for at least two titles - Demon’s Souls and Bomberman Ultra show a smooth multiplayer action. Gamers only need to adjust their network settings to connect directly to RPCS3's private DeSSE server. For the time being, only online games with P2P connection types can work.

RPCS3 itself expresses its commitment to continue to push this feature further and of course support more titles later. In the meantime, they gave this feature the name "RPCN". How about you? Which PS3 game do you want to see online multiplayer supported on this RPCS3?

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