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New PS5 with Smaller Heatsink Definitely Not Hotter

 Shocking and worrying is the reaction that dominates the discussion about the new Playstation 5 Digital version, which in the hands of Youtuber Austin Evans, is confirmed to appear 300 grams lighter than the original version. Available in several regions, it is known that the lighter weight is achieved due to the size of the heatsink which is designed to be smaller. Tests using a thermal camera at that time showed how the difference in exhaust temperature between this new PS5 Digital and the original version could reach 5-6 degrees Celsius. There are fears that the design of this new version of the PS5 Digital is indeed worse.

New PS5 with Smaller Heatsink Definitely Not Hotter

But it's too soon to jump to conclusions, many believe that more technical testing needs to be done to determine whether the new version of the PS5 is indeed hotter or not, especially regarding the internal temperature of the engine itself. It is two well-known gaming technical channels – GamesNexus and Digital Foundry that finally provide a more definitive answer! Using a thermal cable that is installed at several points of the machine, including the SOC, more definite results are finally obtained.

In conclusion? That the new version of the PS5 with a smaller heatsink doesn't have as much heat as the original PS5. GamersNexus shows how some parts, such as memory, for example, appear even cooler. The temperature difference between the two is not significant, so gamers don't have to worry and end up chasing and only buying one version because it's just a heat problem. Software testing from Digital Foundry also ensures that the performance of the two versions of the machine is also equal, with no difference at all.

So with this more technical and in-depth test, which is also in line with the testing of several other technical sites, it can be ascertained that the new Playstation 5 heatsink design, which is actually 300 grams lighter, is as effective as the original Playstation 5 version. What do you think?

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