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Microsoft Suspends Android App Support on Windows 11

After previously Windows 11 was planned to be able to run Android applications, this time Microsoft was forced to postpone it. Native Android application support on Windows 11 should be an advantage of Microsoft's latest operating system which will be released on 5 October.

Reporting from WindowsLatest, Windows 11 Build 22000.168 recently came with all its new features, but without Android app support. This does not rule out the possibility that Android support and compatibility issues between applications still cannot run smoothly.

Microsoft Suspends Android App Support on Windows 11

Android application support, which was first mentioned on June 24, 2021, seems to need more time in its development. However, until now, Microsoft has never once provided beta-testing support for this Android application to the public.

It is hoped that the support for this Android application will appear in early 2022. However, it is not clear whether this feature will come as a Windows 11 update in the future or not. There is also news that the possibility of Android application support on Windows 11 will only be released in the second quarter of 2022.

Improvements In Subsystem?

With a more or less similar way of working like Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), Microsoft is currently perfecting it. By being integrated into the operating system, it is this subsystem that will be the bridge between the native application and the Android application model.

Improvements in this subsystem are certainly aimed at stability and compatibility so as to minimize the possibility of problems in the future. It's a natural step taken by these blue giants to reduce bugs that will keep them busy fixing them.

In addition, unlike the emulators that we usually encounter and use, the Windows 11 Android subsystem is claimed to be faster and more responsive. Microsoft's collaboration with Intel on Bridge Technology allows anyone to run mobile apps on x86 devices.

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