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Battlefield 6 Coming Soon? Release Information

The Battlefield series is one of EA and DICE's first-person shooter franchises which is always released every year. However, in recent years, they have not made it the main series that "competes" with Call of Duty because it is released every few years. This is thanks to the Star Wars Battlefront series they are working on.

Battlefield 6 Coming Soon? Release Information

But with 2020 ending, it seems that EA will again change the release window of one of their flagship franchises. Especially after a mysterious video from a Twitter user named TEEET appeared.

The video is a code that indicates the presence of the next Battlefield series. The interesting thing is that this TEEET account is not just a random account, because it is also followed by DICE Friends, a group of people who were handpicked by EA and DICE to help them handle their community.

YouTuber DooM49 explained that it is possible that the video has a close relationship with the next Battlefield. But he also did not deny that the video was made by fans. Interestingly, after the video appeared, fans told DooM49 that their Battlefield 3 on Xbox360 and PC got an update of almost 2GB. Indicate that there is a connection between the series and the new iteration of the game.

The video tweet was then followed by the latest video from one of the famous YouTubers and Battlefield influencers, JackFrags. At the beginning of the video, Jack tells his impression of Battlefield 5, but at the end of the video, he gives a signal through the clock which again indicates that Jack knows information from DICE about the presence of the latest Battlefield series.

Even on his Twitter account, Niklas Astrand as DICE Senior Designer immediately highlighted the sound of the clock at the end of the video. Strengthen these assumptions.

Until now, no one has been able to confirm whether DICE and EA will announce the latest Battlefield series or remaster / reboot. We advise you not to believe the news 100% and think of it as a rumor.

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