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WhatsApp Will Present Features to Delete Messages Automatically!

WhatsApp, the most popular chat application for Android and iOS will present automatic message deletion as its most new feature. This can be used for those of you who don't want the message you sent.

Not only that, the company that is in the Facebook application also added a lifetime muting feature, from the muted feature a year. With these new features, WhatsApp users no longer need to forget having to update the muted settings in groups or personal chats from people you don't like.

WhatsApp Will Present Features to Delete Messages Automatically!

For the automatic message deletion feature, players can delete messages that have been sent a maximum of 7 days after the message is sent. And the message will disappear from the sender and recipient directly after using the feature.

Please note that this feature is different from the "Delete for everyone" message deletion feature that is generally used to delete messages. Because these features generally leave traces of an "Unsend Message" or "Message is deleted" from the sender. However, this feature will automatically delete the message without even leaving any trace for both.

This feature will be applied to update, but it is still unknown when the update will be present in the application.

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