Streets Of Rage 4 Is Preparing New Content For The Game

A classic game that just got its newest series, Streets of Rage has indeed become one of the most favorite beat-em-up types of games. Coming with the newest series, Streets of Rage 4, developed by Dotemu, will soon get the latest content.

Confirmed through his Twitter account, Dotemu said directly that they will present and develop new, interesting content for their development game. They also added that currently Dotemu still can't give the release time of the new content, but they make sure they will provide the best content for their fans.

Streets Of Rage 4 Is Preparing New Content For The Game

However, it is still unclear regarding the details of what the new content means. But it looks like the new content will be in the form of a DLC which is likely to bring new things to Streets of Rage 4 where it will certainly make players more challenged to play the game.

The first Streets of Rage 4 was released last April which immediately received various positive reactions from gamers, it made this series seem to have been considered a successor than before. Streets of Rage 4 has now been released and can be played on various platforms such as PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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