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Prince of Persia Get a Remake? You Should Know

It's annoying and annoying to see a potential super franchise with a strong fan base, for no apparent reason, being abandoned by the publisher and developer just like that. Even though the previous series was arguably successful, managed to reap praise from many circles, with quite satisfying sales figures. This is the case with the action and platform game - Prince of Persia in the hands of Ubisoft. Despite fans' strong demand for a new series, Ubisoft seems more interested in continuing to spawn more Assassin's Creed on the market. Good news for fans? Looks like hope hasn't faded.

Prince of Persia Get a Remake? You Should Know

Ubisoft is rumored to be working on a remake process for Prince of Persia. This information "leaked" after one of the major retailers in Guatemala - MAX accidentally published a product listing entitled "Prince of Persia Remake" which will be released for the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. What made this rumor even stronger? Indirect confirmation from renowned gaming journalist - Jason Schreier. Responding to this listing, Schreier said that retailers were indeed happy to leak Ubisoft's surprise announcements. Schreier also answered cynically about doubts by one Twitter user regarding this news.

Unfortunately, it is unclear about which Prince of Persia series gets this remake version, whether it ends in "Sands of Time" or "The Two Thrones". Does this mean we will see the official announcement of this Prince of Persia Remake in the near future? We'll just wait!

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