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Observer Releases Next-Gen Version Comparison Trailer

The re-release strategy in the form of a remake or remaster has become an inevitable trend on the latest generation platforms. It opens the opportunity for many gamers to taste legendary old games in a more modern format or which simply come with enhanced visuals that make them feel relevant again. It is not surprising that this trend will also be carried over to the next generation platform that is already in sight. One of these efforts was made by the horror game developer - Bloober Team, who recently announced Observer: System Redux. This time, through a new trailer, they show off what kind of visual enhancement they offer.

Observer Releases Next-Gen Version Comparison Trailer

This latest trailer contains comparisons and a little detailed explanation of what new things the Bloober Team will offer to this Observer: System Redux. Not only raising textures to a higher definition, Observer: System Redux also promises a more immersive environment through the implementation of volumetric lighting, global illumination, ray-tracing, HDR, as well as better visualization through more realistic materials, new character models, animation. more subtle, and so much more. You can see a comparison between the original and the next-gen version via the trailer we presented above.

Observer: System Redux itself is planned to be released this holiday season in 2020, still without a definite release date, for the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. How about yourself? How many of you are tempted to dive into this game back in next-gen later?

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