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Not Ashe, Apex Legends Season 6 Will Present Rampart!

Season 5 Apex Legends will end soon. Of course, players who have completed the treasure mission now know how Loba and Revenant are related. The robotic head artifact that had been collected was no exception which was eventually identified. This is because the robotic head is the head of Ashe, one of the simulacrum pilots who became one of the bosses in Titanfall 2.

Initially, many communities believed that Respawn would continue the story of Revenant and Loba with Ashe as the new legend of Season 6. However, his announcement today broke all these allegations.

Not Ashe, Apex Legends Season 6 Will Present Rampart!

Today, Respawn finally uploaded a Season 6 Apex Legends trailer. The trailer shows how the battle situation that occurred between the legends. But at the end of the video, they announced Rampart as one of the new legends that will fill Season 6 under the Boosted subtitles.

Rampart is described as an expert modder or mechanic cool language. He has a persona that at first glance looks like a combination of Symmetra and Junkrat from Overwatch. Armed with the gatling gun that he named Sheila, Rampart will be present with Season 6 at Apex Legends on August 18, 2020. Exactly a day after the celebration of Indonesia's 75th anniversary of independence.

Along with the announcement, Respawn also explained that Season 6 of Apex Legends will not only present content that they usually add like battle passes, new weapons, namely SMG energy called Volt, ranked, and others. But also a new content which they call crafting. Unfortunately, they are still reluctant to explain the details of the intended crafting.

Apex Legends can now be played on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Season 6 will start on August 18, 2020. While the Switch and Steam versions still don't get clarity other than fall 2020 later.

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