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Japanese Company Racik Mask "Gaming" with RGB Additions!

"Add RGB, then you will get a product with gaming frills", how often do you hear this joke? Although impressed just to joke, but this joke inevitably has to be recognized, based on observations that do occur in the real world. That most of the products out there, especially gaming peripherals for PCs, are now making flickering RGB lights as one of the main conditions for building that identity. With the condition of COVID-19 which makes many people now have to wear masks and make it a part of everyday "fashion", it seems that only time is left until a similar concept is entered into this health device. The concept was finally agreed upon by one Japanese company.

Japanese Company Racik Mask "Gaming" with RGB Additions!

A company in Japan called Spec Computer has just introduced a "gaming" mask product with RGB lights as a base. Named as "illumi-ON", like its description, this is a mask with flickering RBG lights that carries a variety of lighting modes in it. You can adjust the lighting effect via a small button on the side of the mask, which uses a micro-USB cable for charging action. Spec Computer itself confirms that this mask will not protect you in the name of medical interests! Therefore, they recommend that extra filters be embedded when using this mask. This mask can't be washed either.

Spec Computer itself plans to release this "illumi-ON" gaming mask on August 21, 2020 in the Japanese market via Amazon Japan and Yahoo Shopping at a price of around 2,970 Japanese Yen.

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