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iPhone with Game Fornite Now Sold at a High Price!

The polemic, which is currently showing signs of abating, the dispute between Epic Games and Apple has dominated the discussion for at least the past week. Starting from Epic Games' attempt to "bypass" the sale of Fortnite currency which means it does not contribute to Apple at all, resulting in the withdrawal of Fortnite distribution from the super popular platform, and finally filing lawsuits against each other, which is currently unknown who the winner is. One thing is for sure, for those with business brains, this means the opportunity to gain extra money.

With Fortnite being no longer available for download on the Apple App Store but still playable for those who have downloaded and installed it on their previous devices, several parties are now trying to take advantage of this situation. How? By selling the Apple iPhone with Fortnite games on it for super high prices on eBay, more than doubling it. This, of course, is not an initial incident, considering that a similar case also covered the Playstation 4 when P.T. was withdrawn by Konami or when the Flappy Bird case surfaced a few years ago.

iPhone with Game Fornite Now Sold at a High Price!

The case of Fortnite being removed from the Apple App Store is also not exactly “permanent”, given that there is always a chance that Apple and Epic Games will find a middle ground that benefits both parties in the future. How about you? Do you think the iPhone device containing Fornite deserves a higher price?

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