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How to Hide Apps in Vivo Y11 Easily and Without Applications

Hiding applications is one way to maintain data security and privacy that is on your Vivo smartphone. This is done to prevent others when using our smartphone and misuse it to cause harm.

Usually every smartphone has a built-in feature to hide applications. If you are a Vivo user, you can hide the application with the default features already available.

These features can be accessed directly through the screen of your smartphone. But in some types of smartphones, the Hide icon feature is not available, so the solution is to use an application from a 3rd party.

How to hide applications on Vivo Y11

How to Hide Apps in Vivo Y11 Easily and Without Applications

This method you can do without additional applications and without root. This method you can do directly through the homescreen or on the blank screen on your smartphone.

  1. Please turn on your vivo smartphone first
  2. Then long press on the blank part of the screen
  3. Later a new menu will appear at the bottom.
  4. On the right side you can choose the Hide icon menu or Hide icon
  5. If this is the first time you have used this feature, you will be asked to set a PIN or pattern that you want to use as a security code.
  6. If so, you only need to drag down the application you want to hide
  7. Next click on any blank screen to return to the initial display
  8. At this point the application you have chosen has been hidden and does not appear on the screen of your smartphone

To open the application that was hidden earlier. You just have to long press an empty area on the screen then select the hide icon menu.

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