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Get ready, A Total War Saga: Troy FREE Tonight via EGS!

Crazy is the right word to describe the “free” game policy that Epic Games continues to promote for their flagship store - the Epic Games Store in the name of gaining more users, especially those who rely on Valve's dominant digital platform - Steam. The action of giving away free games is captivating not only for indie caliber games, but also touching on super popular AAA games from GTA V to the Batman: Arkham trilogy. Still not crazy enough? In collaboration with Creative Assembly and SEGA to celebrate the temporary exclusivity of his 1 year, they will also apply this strategy in their new game - A Total War Saga: Troy.

Get ready, A Total War Saga: Troy FREE Tonight via EGS!

It was announced in June 2020 yesterday, the long-awaited date has finally arrived. Tonight, to be precise at 20:00 WIB when the Store page is online, you can claim A Total War Saga: Troy for FREE via the Epic Games Store!

That's right, you can get this new game for free without any fees. However, unlike the previous free game promos, the claim period for this game is only valid for 24 hours! There is still no information on whether the Epic Games Store servers will be able to handle the surge in visits or if there is extra time compensation if this happens.

Those of you who are getting ready can start visiting the Store A Total War Saga: Troy page via the following page. How about you? How many of you are optimistic that you will be able to get this game for free in the next 24 hours? Or will the EGS server be flooded with technical problems because of it?

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