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Playstation 5 24 Karat Gold Plated Limited Edition Ready To Pre-Order

If you are a group of gamers who are now anxiously waiting for the official price of the Playstation 5 because it is rumored to be more expensive than the Playstation 4 price then you should not need to glance at this one variant. But if you are a sultan / crazy rich who is awaiting the arrival of the PS5 but is not interested in the white variant offered by Sony, then this variant could be your choice.

Because the gold, platinum and rose gold variants offered are not just colors or even stickers. But really a layer of pure gold 24 Karat, rose gold 18 Karat, and also platinum (white gold). This variant itself is offered by Truly Exquisite, a company that is indeed expert in luxury goods and gadgets.

And not half-hearted, they will not only coat the gold console, but complete with dual-sense joysticks, and Pulse 3D wireless headsets in one package. Even in the dual-sense joystick the touchpad doesn't pass from the luxurious gold layer.

Playstation 5 24 Karat Gold Plated Limited Edition Ready To Pre-Order

Truly Exquisite itself is based in London, England and has made many variants of luxury goods and gadgets such as the iPhone XS, iPad, Samsung S20 gold-plated, to the Swarovski-plated sneaker. And the reason why they chose PS5 to be given this luxurious treatment was explained by the CEO - Kunal Patel.

Unfortunately, the CEO did not give an idea of ​​what the estimated price of this Playstation 5 gold. Because even Sony itself has not officially announced the price of its own PS5 console. But apart from that, by looking at some of their other products, it seems we can guess that this limited luxury console will be priced at tens of millions of Rupiah. Are you interested in becoming one of the buyers in December?

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